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How to Buy a Domain Name

A GUIDE ON HOW TO BUY THE RIGHT DOMAIN NAME Your domain name is very important. It would be a mistake to gloss over the process of coming up with a name and skip right into how to buy domain names. If you take your project seriously, then you need to start off on the […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Technical SEO

Did that title scare you? I’m not sure what it is, but as soon as people see the word “technical,” they start to get squeamish. In this case, technical SEO just refers to any SEO work that is done aside from the content. Essentially, it’s laying a strong foundation to give your content the best chance it can have to rank […]

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What Are WordPress Plugins? And How Do They Work?

Often beginner users ask us what are WordPress plugins and how do they work? Plugins are an important part of the WordPress ecosystem, and they are essential for building great websites using WordPress. In this beginners guide, we will explain what are WordPress plugins and how do they work? What Are WordPress Plugins? WordPress plugins […]

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