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The FCC rejects ZTE’s petition to stop designating it a “national security threat”

[ad_1] The Federal Communications Commission has rejected ZTE’s petition to remove its designation as a “national security threat.” This means that American companies will continue to be barred from using the FCC’s $8.3 billion Universal Service Fund to buy equipment and services from ZTE . The Universal Service Fund includes subsidies to build telecommunication infrastructure […]

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SpaceX successfully launches a Falcon 9 booster for a record seventh time

[ad_1] SpaceX has launched yet another Starlink mission, adding 60 more Starlink satellites to its low-Earth orbit constellation. That’s good news for its efforts to blanket the globe in high-speed broadband, and today’s flight is even better news for its equally important ambition of developing more reusable rocket systems, since the first-stage booster that helped […]

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Pinterest tests online events with dedicated ‘class communities’

[ad_1] Pinterest is getting into online events. The company has been spotted testing a new feature that allows users to sign up for Zoom classes through Pinterest, while creators use Pinterest’s class boards to organize class materials, notes, and other resources, or even connect with attendees through a group chat option. The company confirmed the […]

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